A Wrap On 2017

  The above pictures. I really hope you look at them all carefully. Because within them is a story. A story of the year that we’re ready to put behind us. A story of terrorism and natural disasters. A story of hope. A story of taking a stand for basic rights and a story of … More A Wrap On 2017

The Search For Good

Dear Me, Stop trying to see the good in people ALL the time, some people actually have no good in them, probably cuz they are empty from the inside but you don’t have to try empting yourself to fill them up. Trying to help people is a great quality you have, and you’ve developed this … More The Search For Good

Unrequited Love

When he looked at her he saw a whole goddamn universe, he felt the joy in his heart and the entire world blanked out for just a while, his problems slid off his shoulder and he felt that with her next to him he could conquer the world, for she was his Queen. Yet, fate … More Unrequited Love

You Are Invited

Five years of Med School flew past me in a giffy, every time the stress of Med School got to me, I would turn to him, look into those beautiful marble blue eyes, see the twinkle in them as he looked at me and realize that life wasn’t so bad. I’d crash into his arms … More You Are Invited