You Are Invited

Five years of Med School flew past me in a giffy, every time the stress of Med School got to me, I would turn to him, look into those beautiful marble blue eyes, see the twinkle in them as he looked at me and realize that life wasn’t so bad. I’d crash into his arms and right then I knew there was no where else in this universe that I would feel more safe.

FIVE YEARS! Should have  guaranteed our forever plan. But it didn’t.

Here I am, four years after Med School, looking at this beautiful gold themed wedding card: “You are invited!” it read. I took one last glance at it, stuffed it in my bag, wiped my tears off my face and began to stride to the office, to help my mom at work, she was planning a huge destination wedding and she needed help. I fix myself before I walk into the office, the customers can’t see me like this. I knock twice and push the door open slowly, only to be greeted with those beautiful marble blue eyes, that now twinkled for someone else. 




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