The Search For Good

Dear Me,

Stop trying to see the good in people ALL the time, some people actually have no good in them, probably cuz they are empty from the inside but you don’t have to try empting yourself to fill them up. Trying to help people is a great quality you have, and you’ve developed this character only because when you were falling apart in pieces there was no one to save you, you felt the walls closing in on you, you felt yourself drowning in your tears, you didn’t have a lifeboat and that is exactly what you want to be for every single person you meet with difficulties, but hey little girl… People are gonna try and take advantage of this great character of yours. People will think they can walk all over you and it will all be okay, but it isn’t. It’s about time you take a stand for yourself baby girl. It’s about time you consider yourself to be your own pillar. I know life has been hard on you and you think your only chance at this game is to stay strong, but baby girl bottling up yourself is going to kill you, so cry a little, vent out a lot, get it all out of our system, stop faking that smile of yours, stop saying that you are fine when you clearly aren’t.


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