Unrequited Love

When he looked at her he saw a whole goddamn universe, he felt the joy in his heart and the entire world blanked out for just a while, his problems slid off his shoulder and he felt that with her next to him he could conquer the world, for she was his Queen. Yet, fate seemed to have other plans for him.
John Green once told that, “You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that once-requited love cannot.”
You see, unrequited love has its’ own charm. It tells you of your strength to hold on to the belief of a ‘forever’ even when you know ‘forever’ is a myth. It tells you of the war you are fighting within yourself and you emerge as a warrior, because who knew that one-sided love could destroy you that bad. Yet the only thing you see is the beauty of your destruction.
Child…. You are seeing a museum of art in her eyes when all she sees is a blank canvas. You compare to her to Mona Lisa: the great work of Leonardo Da Vinci and see yourself as the wooden frame ornamenting this painting. Child… You deserve much more than you think you do. A million people might tell you to move on, and you won’t listen, so today I ask you to keep your eyes wide open and think with an open mind, she probably isn’t ‘THE ONE,’ and you may miss ‘THE ONE just because you were focused on the wrong girl.

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